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Dangerous Men
Niebezpieczni dżentelmeni

Director(s): Maciej KawalskiPL107 min.2022
68%(28 ratings)
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age
LanguagesPolish (orig.)
SubtitlesEnglish, slovak
Black and white / colourcolor

After a wild party in front of a villa in Zakopane, the writer and doctor Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński wakes up from an alcoholic haze. He passes by his cronies, the playwright Stanisław Witkiewicz, the writer Joseph Conrad, and the anthropologist Bronisław Malinowski, but no one remembers anything. Not even how the corpse of the unknown man was found in the house. To get rid of suspicion, they must find out what happened. The year is 1914 and the World War I is in the air. The Austrian police are snooping around the countryside and Marshal Józef Piłsudski is conspiring with his loyalists in the woods. The genre mix of crime comedy, pastiche, and political satire draws on the milieu of the Polish intellectual elite, who, especially in the interwar period, was fond of heading to this mountain spa town in the summer.

The film won the Audience Award at the Warsaw IFF. IMDb trailer
Projection of Dangerous Men at IFF Art Film 2023
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