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Brigand Jurko
Zbojník Jurko

Director(s): Viktor KubalCS79 min.1976
87%(3 ratings)
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 7 years of age
LanguagesSlovak (orig.)
Black and white / colourcolor

Throughout cooperation on Brigand Jurko not a single day passed in which Viktor Kubal didn’t reminisce about his childhood spent in Terchová with a group of young peers: they were inventing pranks, having risky fun with a knife, throwing a shepherd's axe, jumping over a fire, and climbing steep rocks. All part and parcel of children's world. A story born from the family of legends, fairy tales, and ballads about a mountain boy who was a Jánošík for a while, but much more a brigand, Jurko. He breathes on us from every shot, from every animation phase, from every note of Lexmann's music. The brigand's adventures, funny and charming, right up to the unexpectedly hilarious ending, have passed through several generations to settle permanently in this unique work, created by the hand of a writer, artist, animator, and director in one person. Viktor Kubal has brought his childhood dream to life in the film Brigand Jurko.

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