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Sweet Games of the Last Summer
Sladké hry minulého leta

Director(s): Juraj HerzCS66 min.1969
60%(2 ratings)
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age
LanguagesSlovak (orig.)
Black and white / colourcolor

An impressionistic yet tragical story of a young washerwoman Muška who by her chastity and limitless joy of life fascinates the men around her – mainly five bohemians. Those keep on breaking the local conven- tions with their lifestyle. They have fun, dream, and enjoy the pleasure of each moment, thus escaping the boring everyday of the bourgeoisie. The movie celebrates the joy from life and the longing for what is impossible. Milan Lasica played one of the main roles in this adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s short story The Fly. However, after several screenings, the film went into the vault. Before that, it managed to win the Golden Nymph and the Special Mention for Best Colour Film at the Monte Carlo Television Festival in 1970.

"The film has not aged. It has an ever-present spirit of youth, which makes it irresistible. And I think that will make him alive forever," Milan Lasica said about Sweet Games of the Last Summer in 2020 interview for the monthly IMDb web trailer
Projection of Sweet Games of the Last Summer at IFF Art Film 2023
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