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Freckled Max and the Ghosts
Pehavý Max a strašidlá

Director(s): Juraj JakubiskoCS, BRD100 min.1987
100%(9 ratings)
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 7 years of age
LanguagesSlovak (orig.)
Black and white / colourcolor

A tale of one boy's thrilling adventure in Baron Frankenstein's castle with scary yet lonely creatures yearning for a little love. It could be considered a postmodern fairy tale because its ground plan is explicitly intertextual. In its fictional world, there is a concentration of characters that the viewer knows from elsewhere, such as Frankenstein, Count Dracula, the White Lady, etc. The film's intertextual ground plan is also emphasized by the hybridisation of different genre practices, and thus it appeals to viewers of all ages. Young viewers are attracted to the interesting and, given its aesthetic experience, thrilling story, while grown-ups are intrigued by the film’s discourse, i.e. how the story is presented and the intertextual references linking the film to other work.

The film is also part of the Movies for Kids section. IMDb web trailer
Projection of Freckled Max and the Ghosts at IFF Art Film 2023
Tribute to Juraj Jakubisko
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