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Goldilocks and the Glorious Losers
Čierne na bielom koni

Director(s): Rastislav BorošSK94 min.2022
79%(34 ratings)
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age
LanguagesHungarian, Slovak (orig.)
SubtitlesSlovak, english
Black and white / colourcolor

A romantic gangster from Novohrad and Malohont, a no-man's land lost in time somewhere in the Southern Slovakia. Eight chapters on why to be afraid of people who hand you a pen and say, "Just sign." On how unexpected love can make criminals' quiet lives unpleasant, and how far judgmental people can go when their pride gets the better of them. And finally, on how a hero is one who is not afraid of death, even when the last hope dies. This Rastislav Boroš' "almost" tragicomic drama is a Slovak reference to the cult of Guy Ritchie and Martin Scorsese’s gangster films, set in a peculiar, poetic, and anonymous environment somewhere in the vicinity of Lučenec or Rimavská Sobota. Goldilocks and the Glorious Losers is one of the modern Slovak comedies, which have been appearing in Slovak cinemas in recent months and enjoying a good audience response.

Attila Mokos won the Sun in the Net Award for Best Supporting Actor. IMDb web trailer
Projection of Goldilocks and the Glorious Losers at IFF Art Film 2023
Slovak Season
20. Jun
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